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Re: 58 plymouth with smoothie wheels. pics inside

From: Brian Cooper
Remote Name:
Date: December 27, 2003


Good to see you have come to your senses. The Wheel Vintique company also makes a good smoothie, check Jegs for prices or try to find them online. Another thing I didn't think of earlier was to use Moon covers. They are very cheap and look pretty slick! Moon has a website as well. As for wide whites, there are several choices. The cheapest and most period correct is bias ply whites from Coker tire. The will not ride very good though, and follow every rut in the road. The next cheapest is Diamon Back Tire. They are Cooper Radials that have had the sidewall shaved and a wide white bonded on. They are made in Orangebur (I think) and sold nationally. They show up at most big shows and I think they are online. I personally don't want a tire that has had the sidewall cut down on my ride. BF Goodrich and Good Year both sell a radial wide white now. The Good Year runs about $150 and the BFG is about $120 per tire. Big James, who you know from PPGMA, had a bad experience with BFG on Ol' Paint about 5 years ago, but the BFG looks real good on a car. I have not seen the Good Year yet.


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