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Re: Ram induction question???????

From: Joe Godec
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Date: December 29, 2003


B-J: Supposedly, the 413 ram engine was available only on the 300Fs and Gs, the "standard" mill being the 375 horse job with the regular ram tubes and the optional engine being the 400 hp with the "short" long rams becoming rather common on the later 300Js and Ks. This is not to say that a ram 413 didn't find it's way into one or two of the other models by way of the "999" option that some sharp dealers would work in those days, witness Uncle Tom McCahill's (and perhaps a couple of others) 300F having the New Yorker rear deck lid rather than the "toilet seat" or "bird bath" one that marks the "F". That also might be a couple of 3-speed "stick" ram Plymouths came to be. Also, I have been told (by a former Ramcharger, no less) that some of the Plymouth ram 383s were not "B" engines, but the "RB" types -- the RBs had a 4.03" bore and a 3.75 stroke vs the 4.25" bore/3.38" stroke of the B 383s. Evidently, the NHRA tech inspectors never thought anything amiss with the RBs (after all a "38" would be stamped on the distributor boss), but these RB 383s are said to out e.t. the ordinary Bs.


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