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Re: 55 desoto a/c stuff

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: December 29, 2003


Hi Hank, I have the inline york compressor. I too have the service manual and the pics do not show the routing of the compressor belts. for some reason, I have two 2-groove pulleys on the water pump. I thought that was what was on the 55 Chrysler I got the a/c from (I could be wrong!that was 10 years ago). The crank pulley was missing from the donor car, but I somehow thought that the two double pulleys would work okay on the water pump (thinking about it, that would be too much load for a water pump). So, I think this is in error. I had a double crank pulley from another engine here in my shop. The pics in the service manual were not that great, I couldn't tell if the compressor and generator belts went to the crank or to the water pump. ANYWAY, now that I showed how much I don't know, my questions would be: 1) how many grooves on the crank (2,3,4)? 2)how many grooves on the water pump (1,2,or4)? 3)according to the 1955-6 parts manual the 55 has 4 belts and the 56 has 3 belts. Why? Thanks for taking the time to help Hank! Lee


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