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Re: transmission oil everywhere??

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
Remote Name:
Date: December 30, 2003


Tim...When old T-Flites and P-Flites sit for a while, the torque converters can leak down. This results in a much higher than normal fluid level in the transmission, so I would assume the dipstick gets its share, raising the level. Assuming that when you fired up the engine the oil pump pushedair for a few revolutions through the Torque Converter, it is possible your transmission "burped" this air, and that release in the pan pushed some fluid out of the dipstick. If it does not do this unless it has set for some time, then it is most likely just an aberration of these old transmissions. I hear more stories of people having large puddles on the floor of the garage due to the dipstick tube lower seal or trans shift cable leaking than a burping trans. Anyone else have another explanation, since it is indicated that no more fluid is leaking now?


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