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A recommendation

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury>at<
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Date: December 30, 2003


They had a couple of 350 GC cars ('show' cars), and at least one 440 powered stunt driver's car (which Keith Gordon borrowed and drove off of the set at least once!). This one had the blacked-out windows, which neatly obscured the roolcage. Now I don't know what kind of mufflers were used, the sound reminded me of Smittys (old '50's muffler), but I can say from personal experience with my 440 that Flowtech Afterburner mufflers have a very nice aggressive sound that's not at all blatty or metallic like Flowmasters. People are constantly telling me how good my car sounds and asking me what kind of mufflers they are. They're a more aggressive version of the Magnaflow (and old Smitty's) straight-through with insulation design, less insualtion than the Magnaflow, but still insulated (unlike Flowmasters) and 'gilled' inside to eliminate resonances. So if you wanted a fairly quiet but still 'good sounding' car, you could go Magnaflow, or the Afterburners if you want loud & aggressive but no harsh metallic resonances or 'blatty' sound.... When the 440 hits 6 grand with the Afterburners, some people mistake it for a Hemi :^D !!


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