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Re: Tech advice on 1957 Plymouth (HELP)

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: January 03, 2004


I have removed the engine from my 57 Dodge several times while leaving the transmission in place. I recommend removing the bolts that hold the transmission to the adapter plate AND removing the 8 bolts that hold the crankshaft to the torque converter, and then pull the engine. It is likely that damage to the torque converter/input shaft on the transmission will result from trying to pull the torque converter as part of the engine assembly. Almost certainly, it will be quite difficult to re-install the engine trying to slip the torque converter over the input shaft whil the engine is dangling from the engine hoist. When you separate the engine and torque converter (if you decide to do that), note that all of the bolt holes in the flange on the crankshaft are not equally spaced (at least they are not on the Dodge V8) and that makes a big difference when you go to re-install. I didn't know about the offset of the holes the first time I did the Dodge, that's why there was a second time right away! :-). The other thing I had to be careful about was the distributor banging the heater box. Other than that it should, as we used to say, "jump right out of there". Good luck, Mopar Randy


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