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I did feel them dragging!

From: Kelly
Email: 325
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Date: January 05, 2004


I did feel the brakes dragging, and I saw the smoke out of the front fenderwells! The culprit was a oversized pedal pushrod. The problem that I had was a weld broke. No biggie, I took my old bracket, torched it back to shape ( that was fun!) and I am back in business. Now before you or anybody else here has this illusion of some dumb kid trashing Roger, I will repeat to you what I told to other people earlier. I IN NO WAY AM TRASHING HIM!! Read my previous posts and no where did I say anything negative, I just asked if anybody else had this problem. I am here because I don't have all the answers, so I ask. I am not a total idiot when it comes to cars, I mean I replaced a frame when I was 17. Did my dad help me? If helping entitles jacking the body up off the frame one day when I was at school, yeah. So do believe that I am above the pimple-faced losers driving tin-can civics who think a muffler makes their car a hod rod. I earned that the same way most of you gentlemen did: by the skin of your knuckles! And if you read my previous posts, I NEVER IN ANY WAY TRASHED ROGER!!!! I don't do that. If I have a problem with someone, I go to their face. I haven't talked to Roger, because he has done SO MUCH for me already, I don't want to inconvience him in anyway more than I already have. Maybe the kit isn't what I need. I am upgrading to Porsche Big reds when I get enough chingo together. I am getting bigger swaybars and redoing the suspension, so anybody who says "I'm staying away from the person who is warping their brackets" will need not worry. Kelly


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