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Re: Axle Measurements and swap

From: John Serkaian
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Date: January 05, 2004


Hi Fred, Sorry I can't give a direct reply of what matches exactly, but I installed a 1968 8 3/4" B-body axle assembly on my 1961 Fury because the wheel flange width was similar, the brakes and emergency brake design were updated, and the unit was free. I torched off the B-Body spring perches and welded replacements at the correct position to properly allign the axle to the leaf springs. Just about any brand of axle can be easily adapted to a leaf spring suspension so look at the "big picture" of what brake upgrades and torque requirements you really need and choose wisely. I did this swap 28 years ago I'm also getting ready to plan another update. Good luck and hopefully other replys will provide more information.


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