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Re: Leaf springs at summit racing

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: January 05, 2004


There are two diferent springs under the "original equipment" springs. These are the wrong ones. I bout the "Mopar Performance Competition Leaf Springs" There are two springs listed. One spring for the right side of the car, and one spring for the left. The springs are not the same. The right side has an extra clamp for planting the rear to the street. The springs are the same size, just one with the extra clamp, but you obviously need to buy a left and a right spring. part neumbers DCC-3412002 (right side) and DCC-3412003 (left side). Springs sit at a perfect height and the car handles great even on bias ply. Springs also help to get you moving quick since thats what they were designed to do anyway.


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