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rear end widths,,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: January 06, 2004


OK there Freddy, here is what 'I' have found out so far in my rear end swap searches. I like to measure rear widths on a machined surface, like the brake drum or axle flange face, over the backing plate (cast, rough) flange. (I measure with a set of micrometers, cut with a torch, then beat it in to fit. Whoo-Haw!) Anyway, brake drum face to brake drum face measurment on your Dodge rear is the same as what I measured on a '58 Ply, '58 DeS, and a '58 NYer, 60 7/8". A '68,9,'70 B boby rear with, either the 10" or the 11" drums (I have measured both)was 60 1/4". An E body rear measured in at 61 3/4". To me, one is too narrow, and the other is too wide. As soon as I can get time, there is a mostly Ford yard nestled back up in the woods, about 20 miles from me, and I know the owner. I was wanting to take my handy-dandy measuring 'stick' and see what the 9" (same wheel bolt pattern as Mopar) rears he has up there, measure out to. Find out if any of the 9" Fords is 61" or 60 3/4". That's an 1/8" total, or 1/16" per side differnce. I can feel comfortable with a 'sixteenth off.' John is right as to ANY rear will fit! Hells Bells, if you got enough money, do like the Street Rodders, get a chromed Jag, custom made to width! Even if you can find a coil spring GM rear, the same width as yours. Just torch off all of the related coil spring feces/junk, or what ever you want to call it, and weld on two leaf spring perches. Those, by the way, can be picked up at most spring shops. Or around here, you can. Unless you want to pay (big) $$ and wait on Year One to ship. Just make sure you get the new leaf spring perches with the center pin hole diameter the same as your existing pin dia. Got a small spring pin dia down into a large hole dia in the spring perch, will result in some minor 'dog-tracking' You can put 'this' in yer pipe and smoke it, if you want to. But, Hank Dozier up there is making a rear disc brake kit for the tapered axle rears. Guaranteed for 14" wheels. (right Double H?) On the B and E body 8 3/4 and Dana 60 rears, I have run across three rear disc brake kit manifactures. Only ONE sez that their kits will work with 14" wheels. The others INCLUDING the OM rear disc Imperials, 14" wheels will not clear the caliper. Now, if you want to use the OM Chrysler 15 X 6 chrome wire wheels, ( an outfit out in Calif is making them, caps and all, for around $850 something a set) you will not have to worry about any caliper to wheel clearance problems. My dimes worth of oral diarrhea for a Tue.


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