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Re: 301 motor

From: Lee Lopes
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Date: January 07, 2004


Steve, I have a 301 sitting in my shop (i'm wondering if you're the guy my neighbor got the info for..I think that is the serial number on my engine). It is a poly used in the 55 Windsor. I got it in a 55 Desoto firedome parts car. It must have been a replacement motor for that car at one time. If you do some checking I believe that it can be turned into a 331 hemi. The heads/intake can be replaced. The block would be bored out, new rods, pistons, cam, different distributor, and you wind up with a 331 hemi. Advantages: 331 stuff bolts right up for the most part and there is lots of stuff available for working that engine (AKA Horsepower!). Disadvantages: $$$. By the time you are done, you could spend about $3-6,000 on the engine depending how you want to build it. The other disadvantage is that it would be an early hemi clone and not a 'real' one. But if you're using it in a street rod, the end result would be incredibly awesome! there are too many 350 crate engines out there....If I don't sell my engine, I will probably do the 331 hemi conversion at a later date. BTW, get yourself a copy of the hemi engine book. (someone around here may know the name author etc.) I have one but it is at home. Good luck and I have included the web site that would have a bunch of parts for the conversion: Good luck and let me know if I can help you with anything. Lee


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