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Rear Disc Brakes

From: John Z
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Date: January 07, 2004


Recently read a post where it said 14" wheels cannot be used for rear discs because of caliper clearance. I have, right now out in my garage the rear axel off my 59 Plymouth parts car setting on the bench. Process is in early stages, but I have a rotor and caliper mounted to axel. I fabricated a bracket out of 3/8" wood (for pattern purposes) to attach caliper. After much trial and error designing bracket, my 14" original wheel does clear caliper. Next step is to have the steel brackets made. Won't know if everything works until road test but it does look promising. (The first step in this procedure is to separate the drum from the hub (Neil Vedders great tip, thanks Neil) so you can attach rotor to your original hub) John Z (Go Packers)


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