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Re: 301 motor and options

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: January 07, 2004


The Windsor engine was the first Poly that Chrysler made for their cars. The 301 displacement was originally used in class displacement limit racing, and was preferred due to the bore/stroke geometry (square - 3.625 x 3.625) and long rod L/R. Parts from a 331 or 354 can be used, except the pistons. The engine can probably be bored to 3.8125 inches as Lee indicates. However, unless you are class racing, or want a unique engine, the 331 is a better (and cheaper) solution overall. That said, you might also consider the other two hemi block engines (the DeSoto and Dodge), as they have physically smaller dimensions (packaging), and through places like EGGE and Kanter, plus Bob Walker's site (, parts are also available for them as well. Sometimes these engines can be found cheaper than the Chrysler. Another plus is all of them have no issue with the extended block, as do the early Chryslers.


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