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Re: 57-64 fullsize axle flange to flange is 55 5/8"???????

From: alumcan
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Date: January 07, 2004


Einstine. I have a 8 3/4 rear out of a '70 Fury cop car, buried under a bunch of hay. There were three cop cars in the impound yard where I took out this rear. '69,'70,'71, then it jumped up to'75,'76 etc. The three, '9'0'1, measured outside drum face to ODF 63" The '75's up was 64" something. Einstine, using a 63" wide rear in place of 60 7/8" wide rear, is 2 1/8" total wider, that places the wheels 1 1/16" farther out on EACH SIDE. The tire would rub the fenderwell wouldn't it? I thought wagons had a wider rear track than the regular cars? I know that the 'brick' and 'jelly-bean' Caprice wagons have a wider rear than the sedans. MoPar the same way? All I'll say, if you guys want to use a wider C body rear, have at it. If I can't find anything that's ONLY a 1/8" or LESS, per side, differnce, I'll figure out another route.


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