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Parting 57 wagon, what do you need?

From: Brian Cooper
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Date: January 10, 2004


I have a completely unrestoreable 57 Plymouth two door wagon that I am going to part out then send to the boneyard. I have kept the block (flathead six) and windsheild, and have promised the dash, sunvisors, and upper windsheild interior trim to someone else. I am also keeping some suspension parts. If there is ANYTHING you need off this car, let me know. The doors and tailgate are about the only good sheetmetal left. All of the glass is good. There is no side trim or wings on the car. I have had the car laying around for a while, and it is time to send it on, so if there is anything you can use for your restoration let me know. Like I said, this car is totally unrestoreable, nothing but a parts car. Call me at 803-714-5517 or e-mail with your needs.


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