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56 Savoy/Plymouth Options

From: BHut
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Date: January 12, 2004


Hello all! I've got a mostly restored 56 Savoy that has so few options it should be a Plaza. I'm curious to know if anyone has an options listing for the 55 or 56 Plymouth that could give me an idea of how strangely the car is optioned. I have the 230 L6, 3 speed on the column, single speed wipers, no reverse light option, no hazard lights, no heater (factory knob "plugs" and firewall plate) no overdrive, no driver's side dome light switch (only passenger side for some reason), a locking glovebox, no radio (factory delete plate), no passenger rv mirror, front and rear ashtray, cigarette lighter, no windshield washer bag, the dual horns, painted dash trim (not stainless like most), painted back-up light buckets, no tail stainless trim (just truck handle) and only the side spear, not the sport-tone trim. Here's a picture of the car, in case anyone's curious. And another: The interior is fully restored from the headliner down to new pedals. The exterior isn't quite as nice as I'd like it, but it's a great 10 foot car!


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