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Re: automatic choke

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: January 13, 2004


THe entrance for the air is on the head face of the center of the exhaust manifold. You cannot see it without removing the manifold from the cylinder head. There is a cavity on this "back" side of the exhaust manifold, and the hole is drilled from there inward into the manifold body. If drilled through, it would exit out of the outside of the collector just above the flange. This hole intersects the one which is drilled from the rear upper of the manifold down (into air space) and then again into metal inside the manifold itself. The tube is pressed into this. The bottom bore receives the lower end of the tube, seals it from exhaust gas, and is the intrance for the air. The top of the tube is also sealed against the upper bore and exits outward and terminates in a reduced diameter section of tube that the external choke heat tube plugs into. Hope this explanation is more visually imaginable.


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