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changing distributors on a 341 hemi

From: jason pitman
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Date: January 13, 2004


Hello List, At the risk of showing my limitations, I need to ask about this! I own a 57 Firedome with a 341 hemi. I am learning the hard way that I am not great at setting points in my car.I have tried again and I have a "shudder" in my acceleration. I own 2 point meters, one show 27 and the other shows 29. The spec is 29. My question is this: How hard is it to install a early model (1974) 318 electronic distributor into this car? I already have a 318 points distributor with a shaft adapter but the rotatation is backwards and it goofs up the advance. ( thanks to Ron Ganster at Hemi Head for that one) The unit that I looked at at the parts store has the correct rotation and is a 2 wire hookup with a connector. Any help is appreciated! Jason


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