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Re: 48 Plymouth engine/trans conversion

From: alumcan
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Date: January 15, 2004


Tony, Tex Smith's first book, "How to Hot Rod your MoPar" or some title like that. They cover disc brake conversion, (Disc Brakes from those older, square Blazers are almost a bolt in) rear end conversion, motor swap, tranny swap, sub frame swap, on '46,7,8 Plymouths! There is a guy next two towns south of me, is installing a 354 Chry Hemi in a '47,8 (?) Ply coupe, WITHOUT cutting anything. He reads this site, but doean't do any posting. Maybe he'll see your request, have pitty, and tell you (PM ?) all about his swap. Several years ago, I swaped in a '55 DeS Hemi into a '48 DeS. A little longer motor compartment than a Ply, but I didn't have to cut anything. You know that you can turn your OM core support around a 180 degrees, and gain a couple of inches. Ignore Chucky Wuckey there. He's just one of those old gray bearded bikers that time somehow forgot. He means well, but can be quite 'cantankerous' when he can't find his teeth.


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