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Re: Slack in steering box

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: January 16, 2004


Tim, also contact Lares Corp--1-800-888-3822, or . For my 57 Dodge (and this may be too costly, for you) I did the SAFE thing, and purchsed a wrecking yard gearboc, & had IT be O/h'ed by them, and then installed THAT unit into my car, so that the car was NOT "down" for a possibly-long time, and/or so that the O'h'ed unit would not be "lost" or "destroyed" (somehow), leaving me with no gearbox, or driveable car!! The O/h'ed unit works AMAZINGLY well, & I couldn't be happier--my car's unit leaked badly. Now, for cost, I forget what I paid for the wrecking yard unit, but think that it was around $250.00, plus shipping-I had it be shipped directly to Lares, but I think that Lares charged me $600.00(!) for their work--you can contact them, as well as Steer & Gear, for a price quote. Whether I 'do' this' with you, or not; I plan to sell my car's unit to someone, who can send IT out for O/h, & then install it into their car, & then THEY can sell THEIR car's unit to someone who needs to O/h their car's gearbox. My worst fear is doing/changing something "irreplaceable" , to my car, so that there is no fall-back/fail-safe position, & the car is not driveable--Murphy's Law, if-you-will Again, my car's unit was leaking (as seen "in" the P/S fluid resevoir emptying itself. If you've got 'only' "sloppyness", in your steering system, then you may need, instead to replace, or O/h, the idler-arm, and/or rebuild the suspension and/or O/h the power steering pump, and/or dial-in the alignment, and/or install H.D. front-strut-rod bushings, and/or install gas shocks, and/or good radial tires---they ALL work together, & I've "done" all of these-guys, and my car's steering/handling is AWESOME; almost NO 'play', @ all, in the steering and, certainly, NO "sawing" @ the wheel, on a straight, or in a corner. Neil Vedder


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