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318 wide block crankshaft in a 326?

From: Melissa Hilburn
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Date: January 20, 2004


Hello. I have a 59 Dodge Coronet with a 326 poly wide block that I am currently rebuilding. I am not having the old crank machined because I'm on a college students budget. So, I was wondering how poorly the motor will run if I use a 318 crank instead since I happen to have one that's reground .010-.010 My problem is not the bearings since I can order ones to fit. My concern is lost compression. The 326 has 9.2 to 1 compression and a stoke of 3.31. And I believe the 318 has a stoke of 3.21... can anyone verify this info? Does anyone know how much my compression will drop if I use that 318 crank in my 326? Thank you for you time and info! ~Melissa


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