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Re: Dual Exhaust

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: January 21, 2004


Reg When you get ready for the installation have the shop measure the inside diameter of the exhaust manifold and let them know that you want this diameter to the rear bumper. The cross over or "H" pipe is good for evening out the pulse from idle to about 1500 rpm's. If you go to the "X" pipe it does a better job from idle to red-line. Either way you go, do have them do one or the other. And, this is before the mufflers. Since the diameter is the same from the manifold to the rear bumper, that means the same size in-let and out-let for the muffler. The longer the lenght of the muffler housing the more praise you will receive at the local show & shines. When your truck was new the only exhaust ya got was the single tailpipe. If you have the shop "tuck 'um up" then you will get to hear others say how good a job you did with your truck. Good Luck Rodger & Gabby Colo Spgs


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