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Eat me!

From: alumcan
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Date: January 24, 2004


I did NOT fleece! I did NOT even haggle! HE set the price! He even told me when was the best time (in my favor) to do the $ exchange rate! He wanted a grand in American, cheaper that way for for HIM. A car like that only comes around once in a life time for me! (Probably several times a year for the idle rich) Once I found out through the currancy exchange rate, I could really afford (pinch me) to buy that car, I DID NOT want to piss the seller off in any way, and some rich person be able to step in,,,,,. No! With the aggarvation, constant worry, that he would sell to some rich person, (he and his wife told me of many times, after we agreed, people would call and say they were sending someone up to get the car, even offered extra $) because I was having so MUCH trouble getting money sent up there, so I did not have to claim any out going American $ at the border! (IRS headachs) $990. phone bill! (still paying on that) Pissing the border guards off because I didn't understand each of their claim form questions. Plus, with the 5 months it took for me to get a Clear WV title, (the WV DMV morons never did a Nova Scotia title exchange) I won't be going to the frozen tundra any time soon to buy any car(s, yours, his, or something Santa Clause had owned!!! 'smatter, you jealous? LOL


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