1960 Desoto Owners Manual
Posted 2018-03-21 5:34 PM (#560265)
Subject: 1960 Desoto Owners Manual

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Today in the mail I received the owners manual I purchased from another member for my 1960 Desoto. It is in pretty darn nice condition all things considered.

One thing unexpected I found is that stapled to the inside of the front cover is the "Authorized Desoto Dealers Owner Service Certificate".

This little gem has the original owners name, address, Selling dealer and dealer code, dealer location, and the serial number and delivery date of the vehicle.

Unfortunately the serial number is not for the car I have.

SO . . .

I thought I should check and see if anyone here is the proud owner of a 1960 Desoto Adventurer with the serial number 7203117814 . . .

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