California Craigslist 1956 Dodge D500 Convertible
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Subject: California Craigslist 1956 Dodge D500 Convertible


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The LA Craigslist offers a 1956 Dodge D500 convertible.

We live in Houston and were interested in the "dead" Dodge. It is $17,500 with a poly motor and is long time dead with many parts removed.

The Dodge is advertised as zero rust and a clear title in Los Angeles.

Upon calling the story changed. The car was not in LA but in San Francisco. "Clear title" obviously meant transparent as it was not to be seen. We made a 4000 mile trip to inspect the car. I guess "rust free" meant the rust had fallen out through the BIG holes in the rocker panels and floor. No flags or flag holes were present in the trunk or hood. We saw nothing to evidence the car being a D500.

When questioned about the listing issues the seller said just because the car was advertised in the LA Craigslist with a map indicating the car to be in the LA downtown area we should not have assumed the car to be in LA. The seller felt 'clear title' and 'bill of sale' were the same. He felt rust was not a condition but an opinion. The seller had no remorse.

Like the seller said everything is opinion. The above is mine. Who knows. Maybe you will think the Dodge is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Subject: RE: California Craigslist 1956 Dodge D500 Convertible

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gt46tc - 2019-08-27 1:05 PM 8/27/19

The LA Craigslist offers a 1956 Dodge D500 convertible

That "Texan" D500 is probably BS from the get go. Too many things that don't match up.

We've seen that car before and there have been many responses.

56 Texan info:

Doctor DeSoto - 2018-05-11 9:45 PM

Look at the photos closely. There are no holes in the body for the
upkick in the side trim, reserved for the Custom series cars, yet the
car has the toothed grille bars and painted healight doors of the Custom
series. I would be inclined to think it easier/more likely that a Custom
Royal/Sierra nose clip or parts were swapped onto a Coronet than the
holes being welded up on the quarters, but one would need to look it
over in person to check for those holes. The car also wears the non-
Custom series tail light rings.

Texans were a local-regional dealer promotional "option", and from
all indications, could be ordered on any body or model. However, most
survivors seem to be low end Coronets and sedans.

As far as I know, records were not kept on Texan production. It is
not even known if dealers had "set" Texan packages, or if the badges
and perhaps upgrades were applied at random ... I suspect so.

Disirregardlessly, that's a helluva hard car to find, and it looks to be
in very good (dry) shape. Find another one that's nicer !

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Subject: Re: California Craigslist 1956 Dodge D500 Convertible

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In some sellers eyes the term "rust free" means the rust is free with the purchase of the car. I found this to be very true with lots of sellers.

whats wrong with telling the truth?
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