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Re: IML: Lead Additive

The price difference in motor fuels in other countries, has little to do with the cost of crude, or refining. The major factor is the TAXES , gas in South America, is as little as 17 cents per gallon, Norway has vast oil and gas reserves, but are taxed $4-5 per gallon. Here we pay about 60-70 cents per gal. Dave.
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> >I just have to jump in when I saw those figures about octane ratings...
> >I always wonder why gasoline in the US is so cheap whe you compare it with
> >the price in my country.
> >Gasoline will cost three times as much overhere, you see.
> I lifted this from
> Gasoline pumps typically post octane numbers as an average of two different
> values. Often you may see the octane rating quoted as (R+M)/2. One value is
> the research octane number (RON), which is determined with a test engine
> running at a low speed of 600 rpm. The other value is the motor octane
> number (MON), which is determined with a test engine running at a higher
> speed of 900 rpm. If, for example, a gasoline has an RON of 98 and a MON of
> 90, then the posted octane number would be the average of the two values or
> 94.
> I think the difference you are seeing between your octane numbers an the
> ones used in the USA are just different ways of calculating the octane.
> Steve B.
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