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1959 Dodge Convertible for sale
(8 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-10-01)

This is my 1959 Dodge Coronet Convertible.
I have owned it for 16 years now.
The seller whom I bought if from converted it to
a Custom Royal using donor cars that he had.
I sent the vin tag to Chrysler Historical many years ago
and the info came back as a 1959 Dodge Coropnet convertible, white with a blue top, 326 poly engine with
optional torqueflite.
When I bought the car it had a Chrysler 400 engine in it with dual carbs. about 10 years ago I had a 440 engine
from a 1977 Dodge truck, built for the car, No expense spared. See pictures and details in this album

(7 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-09-06)

1960 Chrysler Windsor Convertible

other FL Cars I have Owned
(10 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2019-07-30)

1960 Chrysler 300F Convertible
(8 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-06-20)

(12 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2019-06-08)

Barts '59 Coronet
(50 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-01-06)

(5 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2018-10-22)

All About Automotive

my Letter under Restoration
(0 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2018-08-19)

(183 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2018-08-19)

Back in February 2010 I decided to look for a 1956 Chrysler Windsor. There were no nice cars at the classic car trader, so I searched for a New Yorker as well. Originally I was seeking for a Windsor was the reason, the Windsor had a polysphere combustion chamber engine like my truck I was owning for about ten years.
While searching for a New Yorker the advertisement of a dealer in Milbank S.D. appeared. I fell in love with the color the car was painted. According the picture displayed the interior looked really nice, the engine bay in stock condition like from the factory but with a lot of patina. I noted that the seller had German roots so I trusted and decided to buy it without visiting the car. It was very risky I know, but I got a very rock solid car.
Big thank you to the seller. He linked me to a shipping company in Canada who organised the shipping to my country.
Please enjoy and any comment is appreciated. Thank you.

57 custom royal almost there!!
(43 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2018-04-03)

2 year project almost done

59 Dodge 58 Desoto
(44 Photos, 3 Comments : Last updated 2018-03-13)

1959 Dodges and 1958 Desotos. Oil change stickers on the door. Old Police car. 8-track player. Car hop tray. Spinner Hubcaps. Swivel seats. Rain. Spring Special DeSotos.

318 Poly trans adapter
(4 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2018-02-12)

Randy's FL rides (Some of them!)
(32 Photos, 3 Comments : Last updated 2017-12-23)

1956 Chrysler Windsor, 1959 Imperial, 1956 & 1960 DeSoto Fireflite, 56 Windsor & 55 Dodge Royal

1955 Coronet
(0 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2017-12-18)

My gasser, now street converted Coronet

(0 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2017-08-27)

My Chrysler Imperial Crown 1959

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