Re: IML: 1959 Imperial & Highway HI-FI
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Re: IML: 1959 Imperial & Highway HI-FI

In my opinion it's okay to install a Hiway Hi-Fi or
another period player for looks only (and I'm not what
you'd call an audiophile.)  There are better options
for music on the road!

--- randalpark@xxxxxxx wrote:

> The tone arm is set too heavy for most 45 rpm
> records made during the 60's and newer. This quickly
> causes record damage rendering the recordings
> useless. There were some 45's made that could handle
> the extra weight, but one needs to know what they
> are looking at the tell the difference. 
> Breifly, view the thickness of the record. If there
> is a line that seems to separate the two sides of
> the record, this usually means that it is a coated
> disc. These have less surface noise when new, and
> are more fragile. The absolute maximum stylus
> pressure would be 5 grams to prevent damage. Most
> Columbia 45's, even during the 1950's were made this
> way. If the record is very thin and has no "line",
> it may withstand up to ten grams with only minor
> damage after many playings. Most Capitol 45's and
> some RCA 45's were made this way. Off brands tended
> to be a mix of both styles.
> I seem to remember that the minimum stylus pressure
> of the Highway HI FI that plays 45 rpm records is
> over 10 grams. This was to minimize skipping when
> the car is in motion. I have riden in a '60 Chrysler
> equipped this way. Some of the records sounded okay,
> while others did not. Although very interesting,
> playing records in a moving car isn't very
> practical, especially singles that last all of two
> or three minutes.  
> Paul W.
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> The ubiquitousness of 45s compared with the paucity
> of the specialized 16 RPM originals would seem to
> dictate that as only viable option.  The limited
> bandwidth of the antenna feedthrough method is a
> small price to pay for enjoying a wider range of
> titles.  What real world experience does anyone have
> playing records in a moving car?  --Tom     63
> Custom
> "stephen844@xxxxxxxx" <stephen844@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> I have a 1959 Crown Southampton that has the
> original radio that has foot operation.  Can I plug
> a Highway HI-FI into this set or would I have to
> change the radio?  I am looking to add a record
> player to the car and wondered if I would be better
> off to use the later 45 RPM version which conntects
> into the antenna line and the radio is tuned to the
> record player?
> Steve Restelli
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